How Signals and Slots Are Used in the Qt Programming Language


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Function pointer

A slot is a type-safe representation of a function or callback method. It can be constructed from a function object or a function pointer. It is an optional parameter in a method. A slot is passed as a method parameter and can be used to make any function available for callbacks. However, a slot may not be appropriate for many slots and a callback mechanism might be better.

To initialize a slot, use the same rules that apply to globals. The unary ‘&’ operator is used on non-static variables but is not required in C99.


Signals and slots are constructs in the Qt programming language that are used for communication between objects. They are useful when you’re implementing the observer pattern and want to avoid boilerplate code. These constructs are easy to use and can make your life easier as a programmer. Let’s take a look at some examples.

The signal class has two methods, connect and disconnect. Connect calls the slot when the signal is present and disconnect calls it when it’s not. The signal class also has an active property that tells the framework whether it’s active or inactive.


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